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MG+ audio company founded in located in northern Scandinavia eastern part of Swedish capital Stockholm (Stockholm) city (Stockholm, Sweden's capital, Nordic reviewed in Stockholm's second-largest city of the Baltic sea, is located in the west MeiLaLunHu RuHaiChu, urban distribution in 14 islands and a peninsula, more than 70 size them eqm bridge, known as the "Venice of the north" reputation. Stockholm in English for "wood island. Alfred Nobel prize in Stockholm.). Founded by Gladelius Mike at the highest quality of audio amplifier innovation for the professional audio market in the past ten years, and is the top two international manufacturers of OEM suppliers in the studio. And with the cooperation of universities and colleges in Sweden provides their rich experience and theory of the highest level of audio industry, promote the audio products quality and reliability of the production. Swedish and objectives of Electronic Engineering Research eastern true Engineering division into the league. After the merger of the organization will open for each individual companies benefited from having more resources, from the product research and development, production, sales and marketing, through the new group of clear open road of development, and developed a series of exciting new products.

The music of the eternal sincere interpretation - Sweden MG+

From Sweden GePu "brand", we may MG + is strange, but when the company background knowledge and understanding of moab will be GePu isn't an ordinary new brand. MG + Pro Audio was established in 1991, stylist and owner Mike Gladelius under the wise leadership of the senior Audio technology design into another new milestone. Actually traces in the 1980s, Mike has in High reputation in the world as the Threshold and Audio Classe as design and consultant work, many of the acoustics are from his handwriting. Later, Mike was formally established in Sweden, the company will be in his calendar of accumulated experience and ideal of acoustics, fully into its own brand and successfully created Mike dvantage respectively G.A.T. and popularity of the brand, two is deeply loved, design and production of price comparison of the amplifier, in order to adapt to the current market of all levels of different needs, the client is considerate care. Since late with the changing market strategy sound quality improvement and components, the progress of science and technology, the influence of moab in 2002 to GePu "Mike +" as a single brand MG to play the sound of infinite originality and concentrate on developing new products and technology to the higher level, meanwhile, Mike dvantage and G.A.T two brands also fade and sound market.


Exterior design

The new music reflects the individuality of GePu G+series of power amplifier, the most outstanding design model is designed to track the music like pure two persons and hobbies, its concise and exquisite workmanship, fully reflect the unique music MG+personality and refining the perfect technical design. When the amplifier packaging cartons, from the fuselage glance G+appearance elegant appearance, and Sweden's earnest rigorous and with some conservative and elegant traditional style. The whole machine is exquisite handicraft of metal polishing processing technology and meticulous, whole box edge are sleek design without horn.


G+ using strong thick black large alloy enclosure, fully revealed fuselage of music and swedes zeal, panel is thick solid core deep feeling of aluminium alloy, tentacles, meticulous structure made steady heavy, the characteristics of the material production, believe to eliminate the cabine transformer caused the vibrations will help a lot. The front panel appears rectangular, equipment is concise and practical, Except the device on backboard are two fine-tuning type volume or control knob and separate power socket (IEC), but also provides Ji sound of German speaker terminals; senior WBT For connecting terminals in a balanced input 2 groups, RCA single input 2 groups; etc. High quality components so driven general any type of speakers are able to cope with the equally, replay deduction is automatic.