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  POWER series


MG + POWER series (stereo, double stereo POWER amplifier)


Reflect individual character at the new music MG + POWER series of POWER amplifier the best model design, specially for the vocal music like pure stereo hobby persons and set, its concise and exquisite workmanship, reflect the MG + unique music personality and refining the perfect technical design. When the amplifier from the packaging carton take out, at first glance MG + POWER the fuselage of appearance, elegant appearance, all show Sweden's earnest rigorous and contain some conservative and elegant traditional style. The machine is a delicate handicrafts metalworking technology and meticulous polishing processing, the whole box edge all is sleek design without Angle.


MG + POWER using rugged thick black large alloy the fuselage, high temperature of the water lines into kao paint, fully exposed to music and technology Swedish zeal, panel is thick solid core stainless steel alloy, the feeling of tentacles and meticulous, made steady characteristics of the structure of the foundation, the heavy material production, believe that for eliminating the cabinet of the transformer is induced vibrations will have a lot of help. This machine is the front panel of present rectangle, equipment is concise and practical; As for connecting terminals, is equipped with balanced input four groups, simulation SPEAKON at output four groups, etc.; High quality components so drive general any type of speakers are able to cope, replay the same ability to deduce is swim blade enough to spare.


MG + POWER amplifier with stable POWER supply and strong output POWER, not only strengthen the drive the speaker control ability, make you enjoy higher level analysis of the force of sound quality intervals, and will also enjoy the MOSFET act out the sweet pleasing of voice, the two advantages to the reconciliation of speaker performance played more incisively and vividly, using such senior high quality materials and the exquisite design, and other model to compare with the price, can be said to be champions league away peer, really is a lot of palace of the ranks of the audio of the ladder rare smart choice. MG + for music pure interpretation is a listen to unforgettable, let a person deeply touched, really can become the best will choose high taste, realized the Mike Gladelius sound design in the vision of the wicked for many years the dream.


▲MG + POWER series is a group of or two groups of stereo channel, high output POWER amplifier. MG + POWER series is designed to have the sound quality of pure beauty effect.

▲Introduced a new D class amplifier technology, provide fluent and sensitive ways of dealing with large power output, and keep MG + famous perfect sound.

▲Use of AB level fusion technology, all of them benefit from the latest MG + SMPS technology.

▲Focus on the needs of the market, and use this as the direction of product improvement, MG + POWER series in MG + show the following key characteristics, such as the output POWER, the load and the ac POWER flexibility and connectivity.

▲MG + POWER type POWER output POWER specifications for independent amplifier series combination and design, so can match the POWER of the precise format.

▲MG + POWER series launch expanded the range of products cover and meet various demands of ability.

▲With excellent output power Settings, standard 2U the height of the cabinet the robust design, suitable for professional installation environment, the theater and the amplification applications.

▲With MG + POWER series, the emergence of MG + can provide simple, pure and reliable application ability, to realize the cost and the perfect combination of usability.

▲MG+ amplifiers renowned reliability is backed up by 6 years warranty from date of first purchase.

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